Vermont, October 2016

Foliage in VT is usually a real marvel, but in 2016 it was especially stunning. During my weeklong stretch there, from the 9- 16th of October, I was continually dazzled by all the changes that had taken place in the forest near my family home. It wasn't just the flaring red leaves, but every part of nature had changed its hue at least in some subtle way. 

The Slideshow below captures the mood of a variety of sights I found striking during my many romps around. All photos were taken with an iPhone 5, which delivers pretty good quality in some situations, but others, not so much. I chose to include many pics for mood and variety, so forgive the ones that appear a bit pixelated. 

Planatus x Acerfolia

The London Planetree has bark like no other. It can be especially strange and glorious after a rain, as in these pictures taken back in May 2016. 

Trippy Trees

One day back in November 2014 I hung some sticks on branches and took pictures