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Do you have story that needs to be told? A song to be heard, An event memorialized? Perhaps you need beautiful, artisanal string sound, or burning fiddle solo on your record?  


Have Roy bring your vision to life with his creative expertise in music production, scoring & film. Whether it is adding sparkle and magic to your music recording, editing your Podcast, or capturing the spirit of a moment you never want to forget; he will make the moment shine forever. 


If you’re curious, it can never hurt to ask. 


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As a violinist, I was extremely lucky to get experience with viola early on. At Mary Lou's youth camp, there was a typical shortage of violists,  so  most violinists there had to play viola at some point or other. It was a struggle at first,  but eventually I took to it. A memorable turning point was getting to play my first nice viola, just in time for a performance of Brahms's  Sextet Andante. That first experience of pulling out those delicious, rich dark tones stayed with me, and I've wound up playing viola very often since then - through college and after. 


With a degree in Classical violin performance, as well as a rich background playing old-time fiddle, folk & rock music by ear, Roy has a distinct approach to violin playing which can fit any style or genre. Consider adding his playing to your project, and you will not be disappointed. 

J.S. Bach's Chaconne from Partita no. 2 in D minor for solo violin

Violin: made by luthier Peter Yang from Chicago, Ill. 

Bow:  made by Eben-Bodach Turner from Montpellier, VT

Microphones: I record with a Beyerdynamic m160 ribbon for a smooth dark sound, and a Neumann km84 small-diaphragm condenser for crisp air 


Picking up my Mom's old Gibson at around 12 was a very transformative period in my life. It was the first time I was playing  music on my own terms, and being free of rules was liberating. Thanks to my violin background, I was able to apply much of the technique learned there (especially for left hand) and the new instrument naturally drew me in. 

Have a listen to one of my chill jazzy guitar Imrovisations



The Piano story starts similar to the one with violin. It was part of my education starting from around age 6 through 15. Like anything else education related, I generally avoided it as best I could. I stopped playing for many years, but then began picking it up again, now mostly in a fun & informal way. In this way it has proved an excellent tool for composition. On one occasion I did appear at the keys professionally - serving as Pianist and band leader for a high school production of Peter Pan.